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Inferential statistics help us to infer unknown properties or behaviour of a larger population by studying a representative sample, using various statistical testing procedures. For example, studying the effects of a new treatment over a small group of people to test if it performs better or worse than the standard treatment, or inferring ratings of […]

Job search is a tedious process involving going through numerous job pages and lengthy job descriptions and summaries. In this article, I will try to make this process a bit easier for you using Python’s Beautiful Soup and Word cloud library. We will extract information like job title, company name, location, job summary and description. […]

AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. It’s in our cars, telling us when it’s time for the engine to be serviced based on our driving patterns; it’s in our everyday Google searches and the suggestions from Amazon that follow us around on the web; it’s the chatbot on the end of […]

So far, we have explored the data using various descriptive statistics techniques and also dealt with missing values and outliers. It may seem that we are done with all the data pre-processing and preparation, and ready to apply one of the ML algorithms. Unfortunately, we are still far from simply applying any ML algorithm. Wondering […]

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