Certified Tech Sales Manager

  • Your new career in tech sales starts here.
  • Discover the secrets of success from experts from top-tier companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
  • Land your dream job in B2B sales with excellent benefits and earn up to 25% more than in B2C sales.
  • Get promoted to senior positions quickly by showcasing your proficiency with this exclusive certification.
  • 24x7 lifetime access
  • Duration
    60 Hours Of Learning, Assignments & Projects
  • Learning Options
      • Live
  • Fee post scholarship
    Live Online: 50,000 + GST 214,900 + GST
    Scholarships & Financing available only for next 30 enrolments!
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Courses Highlights

Get industry recognised certificate

60 Hrs of learning via live online classes or videos

Hands-on training with 70% practical content

10 industry projects from different domains

24x7 lifetime access to online videos and content

Top class faculty from premier companies like Google,TCS, EY, Deloitte, Fractal, Accenture etc.

Our Students are Placed in

Learning Options

Live Online Class

Learn from the best faculty from IITK and AI experts around the world without moving from home!

Key Features
  • Prospecting: Identifying and engaging with potential customers.
  • Cold Outbound via LinkedIn & Email: Learn how to craft compelling messages that grab your prospect's attention and persuade them to engage with you further.
  • Lead Nurturing & Qualification: Learn how to build and maintain relationships with potential customers over time.
  • Sales Questioning Techniques: Learn how to ask the right questions to uncover your customer's needs and how to use this information to tailor your sales approach.
  • Sales Interactions: Learn how to confidently approach sales conversations, building trust and rapport with your prospects and guiding them toward a successful sale.
  • 24x7 lifetime access to the course content and all recorded videos of your classes.
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50,000 + 18% GST post scholarship
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  • B2B sales interests you and you desire career advancement.
  • You have just graduated with a bachelor's degree and are seeking a high-paying sales position.
  • You have sales experience and are seeking a high-paying position with excellent benefits and promotional opportunities for senior management.

Technologies Covered

Course Curriculum

1. Career Launcher: Essential Skills for Starting and Succeeding in Your Career

2. The Sales Edge: Mastering Skills and Strategies for Success

3. B2B Sales Mindset Mastery: Achieving Peak Performance and Results

4. Pre-Sales Power: Maximizing Your Impact and Results

5. Sales Skills Lab: Practical Exercises for Building Your Sales Skills and Confidence

Example Projects

You will work on multiple real-world projects from different industries which you will put on your CV like:

  • Manufacturing: Predict inventory requirement of spare-parts for a large engineering co.
  • BFSI: Identify fraudulent transactions for a credit card providing company to create an early warning system to prevent frauds in real time.
  • Pharma: Predict the sales volume of counterfeit medicines in order to guide law enforcement agencies in cracking down on top counterfeiters.
  • BPO: Create a machine learning system which will automatically pick out customer complaints most likely to be unresolved and escalate them.
  • Music Streaming: Create an AI system which will automatically assign genres to any music file
  • Spam Filter: Build a robust AI based spam filter for online forums like Stack Overflow at scale.
  • Car Safety System: Build an AI safety system for an auto major to identify distracted drivers in their cars and sound an alert.

Career Transition Stories

Our Faculty

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Benefits of taking this course

Learn from, engage, and network with tech executives from top companies like LinkedIn, Google, and Salesforce.

Gain practical experience by completing over 5 in-depth assignments and receiving feedback from top instructors in the field.

Land your dream job in B2B sales with promotional opportunities for senior management and earn up to 25% more than in B2C sales right after the program.


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