Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security & Defense

  • Get Post Graduate Certification from Edology and Rangeforce
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Program Delivered by Faculty from UPES and Industry Experts of Rangeforce
  • Duration
    180+ Hours Of online Learning.
  • Learning Options
    • Live Online Classes
  • Fee
    Live Online: 11 months - 1,26,000 + GST 1,80,000 + GST
    Discount available only for next 30 enrolments only!
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Courses Highlights

Badge certificate by Edology and Rangeforce

Realistic Network Simulation Reflecting real-world environment cyberattacks

Career Essentials program

Live Q&A with doubt sessions; 2 hours per week

24/7 Lab and Content access

Automated Attack Bots for Scenario Building

Our Students are Placed in

Learning Options

Live Online Class

Learn from the best faculty from by Faculty from UPES and Industry Experts of Rangeforce

Key Features
  • 180+ Hours of Online Learning.
  • Live Q&A with doubt sessions; 2 hours per week.
  • Gamification and cloud based training with challenges.
  • Global case studies across industries.
  • Interact and ask your questions and doubts to the faculty in the class like a normal class.
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  • Pay in installments! (*Subject to financing partner approval)


  • Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 50% or equivalent passing marks
  • Computer Science Graduate or equivalent from any recognized University globally
  • Working IT professionals with 3- 5 years of experience and hands on exposure to Windows & Linux Servers, Networking and IT Support

Technologies Covered

Course Curriculum

1. SOC Basics

  • SOC Introduction, Linux Syslog, Event Logs: PowerShell Queries & Filters
  • Threat Landscape, Splunk Basics, Splunk Fields & Transforms
  • Malware Analysis Intro, Yara Overview, Email Header Analysis
  • Email URL Analysis, Wireshark Basics, Email Challenge
  • Intro to RegEx, Recorded Future, Splunk: Visualizations
  • VARA Rule Generaton, VARA Rule Management, Splunk: Alerts
  • Suricata Basics, VARA Rule Writing, Threat Intel Challenge
  • IDS Rules, Suricata Rule Management, Procmon
  • Malware Analysis: VirusTotal, Privilege Escalation Intro, Remote Code Execution Intro
  • Pass the Hash, Linux System Into Gathering, RegEx Basic
  • Capstone Challenge

2. SOC Advanced

  • AD Rights Management, PCAP Forensics, IPS Rules
  • PCAP Forensics 2, Visual Spoofing, Basic Shell Scripting
  • PowerShell Basic 1, Investigations with Wireshark, Suricata Challenge
  • PowerShell Basic 2, AD GPO LOKI IOC Scanner
  • Systemd Journal, Splunk API, Identifying Linux10Cs
  • Weak & Reused Credentials, Nikto, Linux Investigation Challenge
  • Firewoll Policies: Fortis0S, Lateral Movement, Greenbone Vulnerability Management
  • PowerShell Logging, Splunk Input Configuration, Botnet Takedown Challenge
  • Windows, NTLM, Process Injection IR CVE-2019-15107 WebMin 1.890 Exploit Unauthorized RCE
  • OpenSCAP, Sudo Killer, TLP Overview
  • 3. Threat Intelligence

    • Ma!ware Analysis: VirusTotal
    • Understanding TTPs
    • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Mapping Target Infrastructure
    • Sublist3r

4. Threat Hunting

  • Malware Analysis, Linux Advanced Logging, Yextend.
  • Password Cracking, Network 10Cs DNS Tunneling, SOC Detection Challenge, SSH Backdoor Challenge
  • Netcar Intro, Privilege Escalation Exposed & Reused Credentials, Detecting Privilege Escalation
  • Metasploit Basics, Reverse Engineering 1, Proxy Chains Reverse Engineering 2, CVE-2020-7247 OpenSMTPD Remote Code
  • Execution, Exposed & Reused Credentials Challenge
  • CVE-2019-5736 Docker RunC Container Escape, Keys to Useful Threat Intelligence, Finding Patterns with YARA
  • SuriCata Challenge, Obfuscation Challenge, Malware Cleanup Challenge
  • Splunk Lookups, Splunk Input Configuration, Linux Investigation Challenge
  • Capstone 1
  • Capstone 2
  • 5. Capstone Projects

    • Utilize above skills and experience learned to perform
    • scanning, enumeration and exploitation
      • Require setup of virtual machines on student's laptop/ desktop as their own labs for hacking.
      • Perform Open Source Intelligence investigations (User Profiles IDs, Photographs, Emails, Maps, Satellite Images, Social Network, Telephones)
      • Setup Cybersecurity Lab and perform exploitation on vulnerable Operating System/Services

Capstone Projects

You will work on multiple real-world projects from different industries which you will put on your CV like:

  • Perform Open Source Intelligence investigations (User Profiles IDs, Photographs, Emails, Maps, Satellite Images, Social Network, Telephones)
  • Setup Cybersecurity Lab and perform exploitation on vulnerable Operating System/Services
  • Utilize skills and experience learned to perform scanning, enumeration, and exploitation

Placement Assistance Process

Resume design, content and correction post certification.
Multiple job opportunities sent on email
CVs sent to chosen company and shortlisting done
Test/Interviews Scheduled

Our Faculty

Get Certified By Edology and Rangeforce

Benefits of taking this course

Understand and harden infrastructure security exercises as ‘Battle Paths’.

Identify and analyze Cyber threats and vulnerabilities using real-time tools and cloud-based labs.

Learn to solve course-related challenges and obtain workforce ready skill badge certificate by Edology and Rangeforce.

Ace the advanced hacking concepts to manage end-to-end information security.

Extensive focus on IT compliance and the integrity of enterprise systems to set up a more secure enterprise IT framework.

Learn to implement technical strategies, tools, and techniques to secure data and information for your organization


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