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The IBM Data Science Course is the perfect certification program to start your career in data science. Being one of the fastest-growing fields today, data science has become a preferable career choice for many. Due to a shortage of skilled data science professionals, employers find it difficult to fill the data scientist and analyst positions at their organizations. This is the major reason why data scientists are among the highest-paid professionals these days. The high salaries driven by data science professionals and their increasing demand in the job market encourages many youngsters to pursue a career in data science.

When it comes to building a data science career, you need to have the right approach to secure a dream job in the field. Though a knowledge of mathematics, programming, statistics, etc, is required to become a data scientist, you don’t necessarily need to have a background in these subjects. Even after completing your graduation in an entirely different field, you can enter the data science field by enrolling in a suitable course or certification program. The IBM Professional Certification is one of the most popular data science programs in India.

Before you enroll in any data science course, you must be aware of what data science is all about and why you should make a career in this field. If the field really interests you, you can explore the IBM Data Science course further and enroll in it to start your career:

What is Data Science?

Data Science is an advanced field that combines statistics, programming, mathematics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to study an organization’s data and drive meaningful information from it. Organizations further use this information in decision-making and other business processes. As companies are producing massive amounts of data on a regular basis, they need data scientists to interpret this data and extract important insights. As a result, the demand for data scientists is rapidly rising in each industry, making it the sexiest job of the 21st century (as termed by Harvard Business Review).

The data science lifecycle involves different roles and processes, including data ingestion, data processing & storage, data analysis, and communication of important information with business leaders. Data scientists in an organization are responsible for understanding business objectives and using data in the best possible way to achieve the same.

Benefits of Having a Career in Data Science

The following are some most significant reasons why a career in data science is one of the most lucrative career options today:

  • You get to develop a variety of skills as a data scientist. From mathematics to programming and soft skills like problem-solving, you can master different skills.
  • The field of data science is continuously evolving, and hence, you always have an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • As a data scientist, you are highly valued in your organization, which gives you a feeling of pride in your job role.
  • Data scientists play a huge role in the success of the organizations they are working for. As a data science professional, you get an opportunity to create an impact at your organization. Even a single data science project can have a huge impact on a business.
  • Due to the high demand and shortage of skilled professionals in the job market, data scientists get high salaries and several additional benefits at their organizations.

IBM Professional Certificate in Data Science by Edvancer

Various online and offline institutes offer data science courses in collaboration with IBM. One of the most comprehensive data science courses available online is the IBM Professional Certificate in Data Science by Edvancer. The course consists of 150 hours of learning and 150 hours of assignments & projects. With over 70% practical content, this course allows you to learn how data science techniques are used in the real world.

The Course Curriculum

This IBM Data Science course by Edvancer covers the following topics:

Introduction to Data Science
The course provides you with a detailed understanding of what the data science field is all about. You get to know the basics of data science and its applications in the real world. In this part of the course, you will learn what are the different processes included in data science methodology, such as data extraction, data cleaning, data processing, data analysis, etc.

Business Analytics in R
Business Analytics is all about how you can use meaningful insights from data to improve business processes and make important decisions. You get an introduction to analytics and various statistical & computational methods used to analyze data. The course covers the fundamentals of R programming, basic statistics in R, linear & logistic regression in R, and various other techniques.

Machine Learning in Python
Machine Learning is another rapidly evolving field and data scientists often need to use ML techniques to create models. In this IBM data science course by Edvancer, you will learn the basics of Python, the basics of ML, data summary, and visualization in Python. It also covers data handling in Python using NumPy & Pandas, Tree models using Python, and generalized linear models in Python.

Data Analysis in SQL
Data analysis and data science are two closely related fields and often overlap with each other. This course also gives you an introduction to data analysis and the fundamentals of SQL programming language. It covers SQL data types & operators, aggregating data in SQL, DML & DDL statements in SQL, Joins & views in SQL, etc.

Other Data Science Courses at Edvancer

Edvancer is one of the leading online platforms for career-oriented education in India. Apart from the IBM professional certificate, you can also find the following data science courses at Edvancer:

All four courses provide you with comprehensive coverage of data science topics and tools. The PG Program by UPES and the Executive Program are advanced-level courses for those who already have some experience in the field. However, if you are a beginner, you can go with the IBM Professional Certificate or Certified Data Science Specialist course by Edvancer.

Along with theoretical learning, you gain practical experience by working on real industry projects under these courses. Edvancer’s courses also give you the option to choose one of the two learning styles (live online classes and self-paced learning) at your convenience.


1. Is the IBM data science course worth it?
Ans. The IBM professional certificate in Data Science by Edvancer is totally worth it. Along with giving you a thorough coverage of all the theoretical topics, it provides you with essential practical knowledge as you get a chance to work on real industry projects.

2. How long does it take to get the IBM data science professional certificate?
Ans. The IBM Professional Certification by Edvancer is a 300 hours long course (including 150 hours of learning and 150 hours of projects & assignments). You can either complete it at your own pace or choose to learn via live online classes. The average time to complete this course is 11 months.

3. What is the salary of an IBM Certified Data Analyst?
Ans. The salary of data scientists may vary on the basis of different factors. Some major factors influencing the salaries of data scientists include their experience, industry, employer, location, skillset, etc.

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