The Future of Data Analytics Certifications: Trends and Predictions

data analytics certification trends

A good data analytics course prepares you to handle the data analysis needs of the present. The best data analytics course, on the other hand, will prepare you for the future of data analysis environments as well. The exponential rise in the number of internet users puts data analytics as the most lucrative profession.

The availability of recorded data offers a range of opportunities for businesses, researchers, marketers, and governments to:

  • Identify critical problems with the business, public safety, and healthcare
  • Find solutions to the most pressing large-scale problems
  • Research treatments of critical diseases
  • Build unique products to address the needs of the people
  • Prevent fraud and curtail crime

However, extracting the benefits from the zettabytes of data requires a unique set of skills and several data analytics professionals. The data analytics market is expected to hit $41.5 billion in 2023 and is estimated to grow to $345.5 billion by 2028.

This data gives enough evidence to prove how good a data analytics career can be. Data analytics certification can help you gain a footing in the exciting and rapidly growing world of data analytics.

If you also want to build a career in analytics, you can start by looking for the best data analytics courses in India and enrolling in a suitable certification program. Before that, you must be aware of the significance of data analytics for business and the important trends expected in the future:

Importance of Data Analytics

All companies are producing huge amounts of data regularly. This data is analyzed by skilled professionals to drive meaningful insights. These business insights help the business in multiple ways as follows:

  • Better Data-Driven Decisions: Data Analytics help businesses in making better decisions based on relevant data. They can observe trends and patterns in data sets to understand how their products are performing in the market and make decisions accordingly.
  • Optimizing Business Operations: Data Analytics also help businesses in optimizing operations. They can identify the inefficiency in their operations and improve accordingly. It reduces costs and increases profits.
  • Improving Products & Services: Data analytics helps businesses understand their customers’ behavior and requirements. By determining customer needs and preferences, businesses can improve their products & services and increase their sales.
  • Better Customer Services: Understanding customer requirements also help businesses in providing better customer services. They can identify what their customers are looking for and address their issues accordingly. This further improves loyalty among the customers and revenue also goes up.
  • Strategic Planning: Understanding customers’ data, market trends, and competitors help businesses in making effective long-term plans.

Trends & Predictions Shaping the Future of Data Analytics

Businesses became data-driven several years ago. However, the technology, amounts of data, and data storage requirements are increasing every day. With this, data analytics is becoming more important among companies. Data analytics has a very bright future, and the following trends can be expected in the upcoming years:

Real-Time Analytics

Data Analytics can analyze real-time data, which has become a significant growth enabler for businesses worldwide. Globally, the big data analytics market is expected to grow to $650 million by 2029. Technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) allow companies to collect data from multiple sources, including social media, mobile devices, etc.

This data can further be processed and analyzed to make critical business decisions. In the upcoming years, real-time analytics can be expected to grow as more and more companies are shifting their focus to it.

AI & Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning technologies are already affecting the job market, both positively and negatively. AI and ML algorithms can be used to automate data analysis and decision-making processes. AI, ML, and NLP technologies are set to grow big in the coming years. These will help businesses to increase their efficiency.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis is the analysis of data to forecast future outcomes. Predictive analytics uses statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to run scenarios and assess their likelihood. Predictive analytics is an important part of data analytics that helps businesses to reduce risks and increase profitability.


Using data analytics, businesses can understand customer behavior and preferences. It helps them understand the interests and requirements of their customers. This understanding helps businesses build personalized marketing campaigns to:

  • Address the relevant customer
  • Retain customers and increase sales,

Data analytics is helping more and more businesses to adopt hyper-personalization.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization makes data analysis easier by representing the data sets in the form of graphics, pictorials, or other visuals. As the importance of big data is increasing, data visualization is also becoming crucial in every business. Data visualization also helps in storytelling, i.e., presenting relevant data in front of customers in the form of visuals. Storytelling and data visualization are two other trends that you can expect to rise in 2023.

Cloud-Based Analytics

Companies are generating and using tons of data regularly. It becomes challenging to store such huge amounts of data and process it locally. With cloud computing technology, businesses can access and analyze data anytime from any location.

It also makes data storage less expensive. Businesses are using DAAS software for this purpose. As per studies. The market value of DAAS software is expected to grow to $10.7 billion in 2023.

Data Security

Companies are expected to implement data security measures to secure the large amounts of data their consumers produce. To protect data, businesses may focus more on encryption, data governance, etc.

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Data Analytics Job Trends in 2023

Growing Demand

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for data analytics professionals is expected to grow by 23% by 2031. The job opportunities in data analytics are increasing every year. Due to the shortage of required skill sets, many jobs in data analytics are unfilled in almost every country. If you can fulfill the requirements of these companies, you will secure a job and become highly valued in your organization.

Diverse Opportunities

Every business in every industry can use data analytics to make better decisions and understand its customers. From IT, healthcare, banking, etc., to retail and e-commerce, data analysts are required in every sector. With this, data analysts get diverse job opportunities, and they can choose to work in any industry of their interest.

Salary Aspects

Data Analysts are generally among the highest-paid professionals in every organization. As per reports, more than 14% of data analytics professionals in India earn over Rs. 15 lakhs per annum. It has also been found that the annual salary hikes for business analysts have been 50% more than the IT professionals.

Future of Data Analytics and Its Courses

The demand for data analysts is on the rise in every business, making it a lucrative career option for youngsters or fresh graduates. With this, various institutions are offering online and offline data analytics courses. Previously, companies had no specific eligibility criteria for data analytics professionals.

The scenario the not the same anymore. You must have the skillset for analyzing the data if you want to become a data analyst. This is why data analytics certifications have gained so much popularity now. You can enroll in a data analytics certification program to build a career in this field.

As of now, there are only short-term programs in data analytics. With the increasing significance of the field, we can expect undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in data analytics in the upcoming years.

Data Analytics Courses at Edvancer

Edvancer, one of the leading platforms for career-oriented education, offers the following courses in data analytics:

IIT Kanpur Advanced Data Analytics Certification

This course by Edvancer is ranked among the Top 4 business analytics courses in India. After completion, you get certified by IIT Kanpur and get 100% placement assistance.

  • This course covers data analytics, statistical modeling, R, Python, and data visualization in Tableau.
  • The duration of this course is 180 hours, which includes learning, assignments, and real industry projects.
Certified Data Analytics Specialist

It is one of the best data analytics courses in India to start your career in the field. Under this, you get to learn:

  • Data analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling, etc.
  • The duration of this course is 190 hours, which includes 90 hours of learning and 100 hours of projects & assignments.

Apart from giving you comprehensive coverage of all the necessary data analytics topics, these courses by Edvancer focus on improving your practical knowledge. Moreover, you get to choose one of the two learning options, including self-paced learning and live online classes. You can select any learning style that suits you.


1. Why are data analytics certifications important?

Data analytics certification is important to learn all the aspects of analytics properly. Almost every company is looking for data analytics professionals with the required skill set. To have this skill set, you must enroll in a data analytics course that covers theoretical as well as practical topics.

2. What are some trends in data analytics certifications?

Data Analytics certifications have become more popular now than ever before. This is because of the increasing demand for data analytics professionals in every company. In the coming years, we can expect full-time certifications or degree programs in data analytics.

3. What impact will the growing demand for data analytics skills have on the job market?

As the demand for data analysts is increasing, it has given rise to several new opportunities in the job market. As every business in each industry is now adopting data analytics techniques to grow their businesses, we can expect more job opportunities to be created in the field.

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