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10 Factors to Check in an Ideal Data Analyst Course in India [2023]

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The phrase “data analyst” has gained popularity in recent years because of the growth in data generation. Top organisations now place a high priority on data analytics. As of right now, data analytics are regarded by 77% of top organisations as being essential to business performance.

However, there are a few steps that must be taken to become a data analyst, as well as a set of necessary data analyst abilities. IIT Kanpur Data Analytics Course is a perfect combination of theory and practical projects to provide 360-degree development.

You’re not the only one who is just beginning their research and is unsure about how to move to a profession in data analytics. While looking through job listings for data-driven employment is a fantastic place to start, many analyst roles are extremely specialised, making it challenging to determine which skills should be prioritised for investment.

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

A data analyst gathers, analyses, and performs statistical analysis on large datasets. They get knowledge on how to use data to address problems and respond to inquiries. With the development of computers and the ongoing trend toward technological integration, data analysis has advanced as well.

The development of relational databases gave data analysts a new lease on life by enabling them to access databases’ data using SQL, which is pronounced “sequel” or “SQL”.

Top Ten Benefits of the IIT Kanpur Data Analytics Course

1. Increasing Your Skills

The key to developing your data analytics profession is understanding the abilities you’ll need to break into analytics and begin working with data analytics courses. Big Data is the talk of the business world, and employers are scrambling to find employees with these in-demand, scarce talents. The more you learn about data analytics now, the more opportunities—and money—you’ll have in the future.

There are numerous ways to build these seven talents to aid you in achieving your objective such as the advanced certifications in data analytics if you are serious about making the switch to a career in analytics. Ultimately, what you choose to do to develop these skills will depend on your background, how much time and money you are ready to invest, and your objectives.

2. It Ought to Foster Critical Thinking

The most challenging aspect of using data to find answers is frequently identifying the right questions to ask in the first place. To succeed as an analyst, you must be able to think analytically.

A data analyst’s job is to find and combine connections that aren’t always obvious. While some of this ability is innate, there are a few strategies you can use to hone your critical thinking abilities.

3. Presentation Technique

Presentation abilities and data visualisation go hand in hand. But it’s okay if presenting doesn’t always come easy to you. Even seasoned presenters occasionally experience performance anxiety. Start by practising, then practise some more until you find your rhythm, just as with anything else.

Experts also advocate having clear goals for progress and concentrating on the audience rather than yourself while presenting to a crowd. The best data analytics courses not only focus on your skills with data but also on presenting the data to your audience.

4. The Ability to Use Data Visualisation Tools

A data analyst must be skilled in using a variety of data visualisation tools, which can be learned from a data analytics course, to produce various business reports. You ought to be familiar with using programs like Tableau, QlikView, and Power BI.

Additionally, you must possess strong presenting and communication abilities. This will assist you in communicating your ideas to clients and stakeholders.

5. The Data Analytics Course Should Include Data Visualization Techniques

To make your argument and keep your audience interested, you must be able to write a captivating tale using facts. If it is challenging for people to identify your findings quickly and clearly, you will have a difficult time persuading them.

Due to this, the impact of your data can either make or break your data visualisation efforts. Because it is so user-friendly, Tableau’s visualisation software is regarded as an industry-standard analytics tool.

IIT Kanpur’s data analytics course includes training on Tableau data visualisation for multiple scenarios including geographical analysis and story building.

6. Course Should Improve Your Performance

Make your work available online. Employers want to know your capabilities. Create a strong data analytics portfolio to demonstrate your abilities and land interviews. Make a repository on GitHub to share your work with prospective employers.

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7. Data Analytics Course Should Increase Your Confidence

With the aid of a certification course, prove to them that you are worth your weight in gold. You can learn the compensation range for a data analyst in various businesses and your area by researching salaries on websites like Salary.com.

Read the firm’s website and make informed inquiries regarding the sophisticated operations of the business. How do you get employers to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself?

8. Understanding of Programming

Check to determine if the data analytics course is teaching programming and includes practical training in languages like Python, R, and JavaScript.

Writing programs will assist you in resolving challenging issues.

9. Understanding of Data Analysis Software

You should consider that the certification you intend to pursue requires knowledge of using databases and data analysis tools. You should be proficient in creating SQL queries and procedures and familiar with Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, and IBM SPSS to perform trend analysis and planning to obtain precise insights.

10. A Reputable Institution Should Issue the Certification

Anyone interested in a data analytics career with high growth should enrol in the IIT Kanpur Advanced Certification in Data Analytics program. This curriculum offers the ideal balance of theory, case studies, and in-depth practical experience.

Advanced Certification in Data Analytics

Advanced-Data Analytics Certification at Edvancer is an IIT Kanpur-initiated course on data analytics in India. The certification is one of the best data analytics courses online and offers two modes of education – live classes and self-paced.

Both programs are faculty-assisted programs with 24×7 access to libraries and several live projects for hands-on experience. You can also avail of discounts on the IIT Kanpur data analytics course fees with early enrolment.

Outlook for Data Analyst Jobs

Data analysts of today need to be ready for change. The responsibilities of analysts are growing more intricate. To create insightful conclusions and take appropriate action, skilled analysts apply modelling and predictive analytics tools. Then they must explain their findings to groups of bewildered laypeople. They must, in other words, change from being data analysts to data scientists.


Does data analysis require coding?
Ans. Coding and programming skills are not necessary for data analysts. However, if you know coding and programming, it adds to your skillset and can help you manage large and difficult projects.

What is the Data Analyst course syllabus?
Ans. The data analytics course syllabus is the entire curriculum covered under the course. IIT Kanpur’s Data Analytics course syllabus consists of theory and practical study of SQL, Tableau, R, and Python technologies.

Can I work as a data analyst without any prior experience?
Ans. Yes, more than the prior experience you need hands-on experience with the tools and technologies which make large-scale data analytics possible. IIT Kanpur data analytics course covers technologies such as R, Tableau, SQL, and Python with more than 90 hours of practical exposure.

What is programming knowledge necessary for this Data Analyst Certification Training?
Ans. You do not need any programming or statistical skills for IIT Kanpur’s Advance Data Analytics Certification. The course itself will cover any programming and statistical skills if needed.

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