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15 big data and business analytics companies in India you wish you worked for

15 big data and business analytics companies in India you wish you worked for

In examining the global market for Data Sciences and Data Analytics, the Indian analytic boutiques are making their presence felt. Pan-continental Analytic Boutiques with roots in India are thriving and reaching global standards and providing state-of-the-art services; be it advances in actual analysis or in terms of consultative roles. There is a plethora of Analytic Boutique firms in the country, and what’s more, they are proficient and with immense prowess and scope.
  1. Mu Sigma
Mu Sigma is one of the world’s largest Decision Sciences and big data analytics companies, helps organizations institutionalize data-driven decision making. Musigma have their offices in Bengaluru (India), US, UK, UAE, Canada, Japan and Australia. Mu Sigma has experience and expertise across various business verticals such as BFSI, Pharma, Healthcare, Media, Telecom, Technology, and CPG & Retail. With clients like Walmart, Pfizer, Microsoft and Dell, Mu Sigma is thriving towards building the greatest big data analytics ecosystem of the future. Get ready for a data science job at Mu Sigma through this course: Certified Data Science Specialist View a video on data science 
  1. Fractal analytics
Fractal Analytics, one of the leading analytics companies, was established in 2000. They have offices in US, India, UK, UAE, Mumbai( India), Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, and Germany. They offer both analytics services and provides to companies in various business verticals like Healthcare, retail, technology, financial services, insurance, and hospitality. Fractal was named as one of the best companies to work for in a study by The Economic Times.. Get ready for a data analytics job at Fractal Analytics through this course: Certified Data Analytics Specialist
  1. Crayon Data
Crayon Data’s is a big data based product Company founded in 2011. Their flagship product is Maya. Maya is a big data based digital personalization product that engages customers with taste-led personalization and increase conversion rates. Crayon has offices in Chennai, Singapore, UK Dubai, and US.  Maya delivers actionable insights to banking, hospitality and telecom sectors.
  1. LatentView
Founded in 2006, LatentView is a global digital analytics company. They provide 360-degree view of the digital consumer, enabling companies to predict new revenue streams, anticipate product trends and optimize investment decisions. Some of their clients are companies like Cisco, Paypal, Microsoft and IBM. Latent view has offices in Chennai, Singapore, London, and US.
  1. Absolutdata
Absolutdata is a global products and services company founded in the year 2001. They have big data analytics products and services that improve their client’s decision making process. It is an ISO 27001 certified company that offers services for technology, retail, travel, pharma and telecom industries. They have offices in US, Dubai, UK, Singapore and Gurgaon (India).
  1. Global Analytics
Global Analytics is a fintech company that was founded in the year 2003. They have two products “Lending Stream” and “Drafty” that provides credit solutions to customers in the United Kingdom. They have offices in UK, US, Delhi and Chennai. Global Analytics was named as one of India’s top 50 by the Great Place to work Institute.
  1. Manthan
Founded in 2004, Manthan’s analytics solutions combine advanced predictive analytics, actionable insights and customer knowledge to help retailers identify and drive growth opportunities. It has served over 120 retail and CPG clients across 19 countries. Its clients include Novartis, McDonald’s, Love’s, and Teavana. With headquarters in Bangalore, they have offices in the US, UK, Phillipines, Singapore and Brazil.
  1. Gramener
Gramener, founded in 2010, is a data visualisation and analytics company that makes data insights consumption simpler, faster, and coherent across organizations. It has offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, California & New Jersey.  The company delivers solutions in data, analytics, visualization and consulting space across industries. They are pioneers of Data Visualization in India and have been ranked 8th in Deloitte 50 Fast Technology Companies of India 2015. It has 80+ global clients spread across Media, Pharma, Telecom, BFSI, Retail, Consulting, Healthcare, Airlines, Manufacturing, Education and Public Sector. Get ready for a job in data visualization through this course: Certified Tableau Professional
  1. Convergytics
Convergytics is a leading global marketing analytics company that empowers organizations to get a better picture of their business through big data. They help organizations adapt to the constantly changing market landscape by going beyond traditional analytics to make actionable data-driven decisions and achieve decision-driven ROI. Over the years, Convergytics has provided services of Business Intelligence, Digital Analytics, CRM, Pricing Analytics etc to a number of industries including CPG, Banking, Healthcare, Social Media, CRM, Supply Chain & Telecom. They have offices in US, UK and Bengaluru.
  1. Cartesian Consulting
Cartesian Consulting was founded by Sandeep Mittal, in the year 2009 . A strong advocate of marketing using analytical thinking, Cartesian Consulting has the vision to be the best blend of marketing and analytical thinking. The crux of Cartesian’s work is focused on consumer analytics, marketing analytics, margin optimization, channel analytics and new advances in the mining of unstructured data and digital analytics. Cartesian has been making steady and rapid progress and in the last two years and is now preparing to create solutions that are directed at helping clients adopt Segment of One think in addition to democratizing analytics through a do-it-yourself approach to competence building.
  1. Tiger Analytics
Tiger Analytics was founded in the Silicon Valley in the year 2011, by a strong team of data science researchers and practitioners. A leading provider of data science and data engineering to several businesses worldwide. Concentrating the majority of their consulting work in predictive analytics and machine learning space, Tiger Analytics signed up several marquee clients from variable industries. Known for their knack of mixing a professional and informal environment, their office in Chennai exudes a warm atmosphere, full of happy people, excited about data and technology.
  1. Bridgei2i
BRIDGEi2i is a rapidly developing analytic company, known worldwide for their track record of greating the largest analytics set-ups for HP and GE. Founded in the year 2011 and with offices in both the US and India, their services range from  analytics solutions for sales, supply chains, marketing and risk functions. Their track record and range of services have earned them a diverse portfolio of clients across industry verticals, including many Fortune 500 companies. In terms of a working environment, they are known to balance work-life and fun while ensuring their employees have work experience and exposure to myriad business concerns, spanning industries, geographies and industries that employ data science with a melange of technology and services.
  1. Brillio 
An analytics services firm, Brillio is not your average analytics business. Concentrating on helping businesses to imagine and achieve the possibilities with respect to data and digital work, Brillio mixes the disciplines of predictive analytics, big data and mobility to ensure that businesses compete and win in the marketplace competently and effectively. The company has created growth and helped bring about new capabilities to their customers right from the acquisition  of Market intelligent, an advanced analytics solutions provider in 2014, as well as their recent investments in Albedo; a software company that provides predictive analytics and causal modelling solutions and finally, Arundo, which is a predictive maintenance platform for asset intensive industries, Brillio has its head office in Silicon Valley but has offices in Bengaluru and Trivandrum,
  1. Hansa Cequity
Hansa Cequity, brings to its customers, years of experience in the field of consumer marketing thought leadership. With their team of more than 400 professionals working towards business, marketing, consumer strategy, data management, analytics, digital campaigns and social media, they have a strong customer-centered ethic, implementation processes and strategies, reaching out to their customers on a personal and optimal level is important to Hansa Cequity, they have employees with diverse skills, expertise and a passion to provide customers with an intelligent platform so that they can do the same. Hansa Cequity is unique by virtue of its digital marketing and campaign specialists who are responsible for the innovative ideas that are measurable, The company has been recognized for their models in Predictive Analytics and the same has been recognized in Technology and Marketing publications and presented at forums like Predictive Analytics World Conference.
  1. Exl Analytics
EXL Analytics, a part of EXL (NASDAQ:EXLS) is a distinguished and large provider of advanced analytics to the Global market. Headquartered in New York, it is a large company with about 25,000 employees working across the US, Europe, Asia( primarily India and the Phillipines), Latin America, Australia and South Africa. EXL has made its impact and been recognized for the same in various analytics forums and special interest groups on machine learning and data mining as well as in top global analytics competitions. Even amongst its peers it is reckoned with as a market leader and star performer, and was voted to be a part of “The 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America” for the year 2015 by Forbes magazine. Get ready for a job at these companies through these courses: Data Science, Machine Learning & Big Data courses   Conclusion While there are several analytic companies that provide a wide range of services; from working with the actual data, to equipping customers to find the most suitable technologies available for data management, there are other companies in the mix that are looking for employees to fill the analytics role. IT giants like HCL, TCS, banks like SBI and HDFC are looking to hire employees to work on their data management and analytic needs as well, but the Analytic firms aforementioned are likely to give excellent market exposure and experience as working with big data management is their core competency. Name other analytics & big data companies you think deserve to be a part of this list in the comments below.

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