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Artificial Intelligence is now playing a significant role in the advancement of automation technologies across various industries. AI has already transformed the way businesses work by using data to make machines learn and perform like humans. In 2023, more businesses are expected to adopt AI automation tools and technologies to optimize their processes. With this, the demand for AI professionals will also rise in every industry. This is the reason why many fresh graduates and young working professionals are aspiring to build a career in the field of AI. If you want to make a career in AI, you can easily prepare for it by enrolling in an artificial intelligence course. Before that, you must be aware of how AI technology is evolving and how it is related to automation. We will help you understand the same with this article:  

What is Artificial Intelligence?

  Artificial Intelligence is a subfield of computer science. It aims to create computer systems that can replicate human thinking and perform complex tasks that generally require human intelligence. AI-driven machines have the ability to learn from their past by analyzing complex data sets and improve their functionality without any human intervention. With the constantly evolving technologies in the field of AI, it has become very common in the everyday lives of humans as well as in businesses. People are using AI systems (like Amazon Alexa) to make their lives easier and businesses use them to improve their efficiency.

Automation vs AI

  Many people confuse Artificial Intelligence with Automation. However, it is important to understand that the two terms are not the same. Both have different meanings, different functionality, and unique benefits for businesses. It is true that automation is increasing with AI, but the whole artificial intelligence field can not be understood as the single term ‘automation.’ AI is a vast field and automation can be considered one of its applications. While automation heavily depends on the rules established by human professionals, AI can operate more on its own as it learns and adapts over time. Automation majorly deals with repetitive tasks to eliminate time-consuming activities of human employees and allows them to focus on more creative tasks. On the other hand, artificial intelligence makes it possible for organizations to automate these tasks. The primary focus of AI is on identifying useful insights from data and learning from them to make decisions like humans. Industries have been automating different tasks for several past years, however, AI is new to this world. With AI, the benefits of automation have been enhanced and more complex tasks can be automated now. Previously, automation was restricted to only a few industries like manufacturing, but now it can be seen across various industries.  

AI Automation in the Workplace

  The most popular AI trend in 2023 is the increasing adoption of AI technologies in businesses and the growing demand for AI professionals in every industry. Here are some most common examples of AI automation and the usage of AI automation tools at the workplace: 1. Use of Virtual Assistants Businesses are providing more personalized experiences to their customers with the use of AI chatbots and personal assistants. These AI-driven chatbots can answer the questions asked by customers by identifying the keywords and replying with the most relevant answer based on the pre-loaded information. The AI assistants can even manage automated email replies, calendars, and recommend relevant products or services to customers. Businesses can expect more advanced chatbots in 2023. 2. Changes in PPC Management In the last few years, you would have observed several changes in the PPC management of companies. From government regulations to an increased level of automation, lots of things have changed in the PPC industry. Experts recommend the adoption of ‘automation layering’ in order to provide PPC professionals with higher control over paid ad campaigns. Though automation is enhancing the performance of PPC campaigns, it is important to consider ‘automation layering’ in order to avoid costly mistakes that machines can make. AI is making the decision-making process easier by providing automated solutions, but PPC professionals need to keep a check on the quality of data that is being used to drive these solutions. 3. Changes in SEO Strategies Since 2017, AI has been changing the world of digital marketing and improving the way SEO works. This growth can be expected to continue in 2023 with AI-generated content and AI automation that is helping companies in the success of SEO content. Many people believe that AI automation is taking over the workflow of SEO processes. However, that is just a misconception. Automation is only taking over the most complex processes, making tasks easier for SEO teams. For on-page optimizations, businesses can automate the factors like structured data, internal linking, etc. AI-based automation also helps companies improve SEO accuracy by leveraging keyword research, along with the creation and optimization of website content. 4. Enhanced Data Security AI systems have the ability to deal with massive amounts of data to uncover meaningful insights. Businesses use these insights to target the right audience, optimize pricing, improve promotion strategies, and forecast market trends. AI doesn’t only help in understanding data, but can also ensure its security. AI systems are capable of detecting threats like cyber-attacks and other security concerns. Various companies use artificial intelligence to protect sensitive information and to keep organizational data safe. 5. Use of AI tools for Sales & Marketing Sales and marketing teams can use AI automation tools to make their marketing campaigns more effective. AI-based customer support tools can help businesses in strengthening relationships with their customers. Moreover, businesses can lower customer churn and generate more qualified leads using AI-powered tools for marketing. For the past several years, companies are using AI to understand their customers’ behaviors and provide them with more personalized services. AI-based recommendation engines can not be ignored when talking about the role of artificial intelligence in marketing and sales. 6. Smarter Decision-Making This is the most important role AI plays in the working of businesses today. Companies heavily rely on AI systems to gain data-driven business insights and make decisions accordingly. Artificial Intelligence can be used to predict what is going to be highly in demand in the market, what customers want the most, and what will benefit a particular business. This high dependency of businesses on AI seems to continue in 2023 and the upcoming years. Also Read: What is Data-Centric Architecture in Artificial Intelligence?

Future of AI Automation

The concept of automation is not new, but it has grown significantly since the advent of AI. There are several advantages of including AI automation in businesses, such as reduced labor costs, improved efficiency, and many more. AI-driven automation can be expected to rise and revolutionalize human lives more in 2023 and afterward. However, it is also true that machines can not replace humans. Automation is making a few human jobs obsolete, but it can not take over human employees entirely. AI machines can assist human professionals in their tasks, but can not perform the entire task on their own as it requires emotional understanding, team management, and other skills that machines can not acquire.  

Start Your Career in AI With These Artificial Intelligence Courses by Edvancer

  As mentioned above, the field of AI is constantly evolving. With continuous growth in the field, the demand for AI professionals can also be expected to increase even more in the job market, making it a great career option to consider. If you wish to build a career in the field of AI, you can start with the following artificial intelligence courses by Edvancer:
  • Certified Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • IIT Kanpur Advanced Certification in AI & Machine Learning
These courses provide you with complete coverage of all the important subjects, tools, and technologies you need to learn in order to become an AI Engineer. You can also develop practical skills by working on real industry projects under these programs. Edvancer offers you two learning options, including self-paced learning and live online classes, and you can choose any one that suits you.  


  1. How will AI change the future in 2023? Ans. In 2023, several advancements can be expected in the field of AI and its applications such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, etc. With these advancements, AI systems will be able to process data more effectively and make better business decisions. 2. How fast is AI growing in 2023? Ans. AI is growing really fast as more and more businesses are adopting AI-based tools and technologies to improve their efficiency. As per research, AI is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 37.3% between 2023 and 2030. 3. What is the future of artificial intelligence? Ans. Considering the continuous advancements in technology, it can be expected that the future of Artificial Intelligence will be bright and the field will grow continuously for several more years.Share this on

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