Amit Thakur
Amit Thakur
Quantitative Data Analyst - Tradepath Capital
"I married finance and data science!"
Amit Thakur had spent 1 years in electronics hardware testing and was completely frustrated with his job and salary. He chose to learn data science over an MBA in Finance and got a job as a Quantitative Data Analyst in a US based capital markets firm, Trade Path Capital with a 100% salary hike combining both his interest in data science and finance.
My background
My name is Amit Thakur. I have completed my B.E. in Electronics Engg in the 2018 and since then I was working in a startup electronics company as a hardware tester.
Why Data Science as a career option?
The job I was in was not at all interesting and I was really looking to move into an area which interested me more, gave me a stable career and better salary. I was looking at doing an MBA in Finance since finance and investments was always an interest. However the huge fees for an MBA was always a problem. I came across analytics and data science as another option from one of my friends. I did some research before choosing analytics as a career, what fields use this, does it have a future and what benefit they get from it and so on.
How did you make your choice regarding choosing a training institute?
In my search for an institute, I looked for value for money and I also talk to other people who have been there before to get the true review. I checked 4-5 institutes including classrooms but found Edvancer's online course to be most comfortable, though it being online was always a concern for me. I trusted them though and chose what is known now as the PG Program in Data Science - UPES self-paced course .
Course and learning experience
Edvancer helped to create a good solid foundation and my overall experience was really good. I was new to programming but the way they taught was really good and I became very comfortable with R and Python. Through the videos I was able to revise and practice whenever I wanted. Questions were answered very promptly on the Q&A forum. Case studies helped to build comfort and give practical experience. Projects were real-world problems and solving them gave a lot of confidence.
How did you get your data science job
I got my resume updated via Edvancer's help and then applied through various job sites apart from job opportunities sent by Edvancer. They were regular in doing so though initially I was not getting shortlisted by companies. Eventually Trade Path Capital, a US based capoital markets firm hired me with a 1005 pay hike!
The interview process
I was given a case study to solve by them which was tough but I managed. This was followed by a Zoom based interview on the project I did, followed by an HR round and then a technical round which was focused on ML algorithms, Python and Tableau.
Advice for data science aspirants
Coding is not difficult once you have practiced the basics so learn to code and make your math concepts clear. A lot of practice and interesth to learn new things is the only way to be successful in analytics

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