Kaushik Jagini
Kaushik Jagini
Data Scientist - Deloitte India (Offices of the US)
"I got a huge salary hike!"
Kaushik Jagini was working in IT for 3 years and was keen to make a switch into AI as a career to get better prospects and a good salary. Here's his story on how he became a data scientist and got a prestigious job at Deloitte with a 40% salary hike, a story which can be yours too:
My background
I am Kaushik Jagini and I have about 3 years of experience at SAP Labs as a Business Technology Consultant, prior to which I completed my B.Tech. I recently switched to Deloitte as a Data Scientist with Edvancer's help.
Why Data Science as a career option?
Exactly about 15 months ago I decided to pursue a career in a field which interests me big time and is robust enough to grow for the next decade. I researched about several advanced technologies like Cloud, Blockchain, AI, IOT etc. Out of all these AI and Data Science interested me much more given the wide scope and also the fact that in data science salary is high. But I didn't immediately jump into this field. I first tested myself to see if I can understand the concepts. That’s when I started pursuing a short course on Coursera and I realised that it is not only interesting but also something that I can be good with. However with Coursera, I wasn't able to get the requisite depth or confidence and realised that by doing these free courses I will not be able to get a job in AI. That’s when I decided to pursue a proper guided program with Edvancer.
How did you make your choice regarding choosing a training institute?
With Coursera, I wasn't able to get the requisite depth or confidence and realised that by doing these free courses I will not be able to get a job in AI. That’s when I decided to pursue a proper guided program. I had been to couple of institutes and attended their demo classes too. I liked Edvancer's demo session better than others. Apart from that, I mostly looked at the course curriculum of different programs and I found Edvancer's was comprehensive enough to cover majority of the concepts one would require as a data scientist. Honestly, I was also looking for an institute which would also provide placement assistance and Edvancer turned out to be the best option for my requirements. I chose the Certified Artificial Intelligence Specialist course .
Course and learning experience
Edvancer's course helped me big time especially because I was new to data science and they start from basics. The instructors were very good and knowledgeable and my experience with the content has been good too. Although, I would say I had some issues on big data module which seemed to go by fast and I am not completely confident with it. The projects were very helpful and really made me feel confident of tackling business problems from multiple industries. Plus they were very helpful to crack the interview too.
How did you get your data science job
Edvancer kept sending across various openings in data science even while our course was on. I applied to some and was shortlisted for a few including Deloitte. Before the applications Edvancer helped me in creating and bettering my resume. Before the Deloitte interview they also conducted a mock interview for me which built my confidence.
The interview process
The role was quite high end in terms of developing chatbots. I had two rounds of technical interview. They went on for about a span of 90 minutes with questions spanning from as simple as regression to as advanced as LSTM. In a nut shell, every concept was tested upon and Edvancer's course had covered almost everything. The data scientist salary that Deloitte offered was way beyond my expectations!
Advice for data science aspirants
Discipline is the key. Just the interest/motivation in data science cannot be of any good help. But maintaining that interest/motivation day in and day out over a period of 6 months will be a good direction to get into the field of data science. There will be a phase where one might want to give up but to resist and overcome it is important.

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