Noufa Mukhtar Wani
Business Analyst, Aon Hewitt
"I Got 3 Job Offers Post the Course!"
Read the story of how a fresher Ms. Noufa Mukhtar Wani got a data science job.
My background
I am from Jammu & Kashmir. I completed my B.Tech in computer science in 2015, but I was not able to find suitable job opportunities in my hometown. So, I decided to move to Delhi just after the day my final results were announced, so that I can look for better jobs. I wanted to start a career in data science, having heard a lot about it. As a fresh graduate with no skills, I didn’t get jobs in this field initially, and hence I settled for a basic data analysis job at UnitedLex Corporation, a mid-sized organization.
Why Data Science as a career option?
In a few months, I was not getting challenged by the work and I started to do my research on data science. I was intrigued by the data science concepts, techniques and programming languages. The industry was also growing tremendously, and I finally decided to acquire data science skills. So, I decided to do an online certification course in data science.
How did you make your choice regarding choosing a training institute?
To be frank, I contacted almost 15 institutes to know their curriculum and other credentials – but none of them were convincing enough or were too expensive. After a while, I heard about Edvancer, which is one of the best analytics institutes in India. I called them, and their counselor gave me all the guidance that I was looking for. Other institutes were selling their courses but talking to Edvancer I felt they were focusing on guiding people in the right way rather than selling. I also researched online about them and found a lot of good reviews. I was convinced that this institute can help me to start a career in data science. They cleared all my doubts and I enrolled to their self-paced with faculty support program.
Course and learning experience
I still had a doubt on whether I will be able to get through a self-paced course. Even though faculty support was there for any doubts or queries it still was up to me to be dedicated in my studies. But now, I can say that pursuing the course from Edvancer was the best decision of my life. I am a bit impatient in nature, I cannot even watch a 3 hour movie, but the video lectures of Edvancer were so engaging and student friendly that I could watch 2 or 3 of them each day. The instructor was outstanding, and the study material was designed in an easy to understand manner. I completed the course in less than a month and the people at Edvancer say that’s a record I set!
How she made his career shift to analytics
Even though the course was challenging, I completed it within a span of 3 weeks, and I was a Certified Business Analytics Professional. Post the course Edvancer helped me to prepare my resume and prepare for the interviews as well along with the course. I updated my C.V. with the information of analytics certification from Edvancer. It added an extra credential to my C.V. along with my qualifications, and I was super confident due to this specialized training. In just 15 days, I got interview calls from three reputed companies, and Edvancer provided guidance and support to me during the interview process as well. My hard work and the institute’s guidance proved fruitful for me, and I got selected in all these organizations. I chose the best one for me. Finally, I am working in business analytics at Aon Hewitt and have started working on all the tools and skills in which I was interested in.
The interview process
The knowledge I gained from Edvancer’s course and the guidance from their instructors ensured that I was well prepared for the interview. My interview revolved around R and basics of statistics along with predictive modeling basics. I learned everything about analytics from Edvancer. The surprising thing is that I was even selected for the roles that required prior experience in analytics, and I could justify myself suitable for these roles because of my skills that I learned from Edvancer.The interview process started with a telephonic round to assess my skills followed by a coding round to check my technical skills. There were 10 R questions on topics like freq, summary , transpose , macros, date-time ,merging, etc. After this, there were two more rounds that took place on the same day. The first of the final rounds was a business analyst case study and the second one involved deciphering a data visualization.
Thanks Edvancer
I am thankful to all the members of Edvancer for helping me get my dream job in analytics in such a short span of time. The best part of the institute was the expert mentoring. Edvancer has a team of wonderful people who love to help their students and motivate them to get the best in their life. If anyone would ask me for advice to start a career in analytics, I would only suggest Edvancer to them without a second thought. I would also suggest them not to waste their time by looking at other institutes, like I did, but to join Edvancer. Edvancer will help you to find your way and I assure you can reach even ahead of your career milestones, provided you put effort from your side as well. And lastly, I know I have repeatedly praised Edvancer so much but I couldn’t stop myself because they are the reason for my career success. Also, everything I have mentioned above is not even a bit manipulated.

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