The Journey to Becoming a Certified Business Analyst: Challenges and Best Practices

Business Analytics certification

Business analysts have become an important resource for every organisation. Every company generates large amounts of data and needs skilled professionals to drive relevant business insights from it. Business analysts can fulfil their requirements hence, they are highly in demand in every industry.

They are responsible for analysing business problems and finding data-driven solutions to get rid of them. Their role also includes preparing reports for business stakeholders and taking necessary measures to maximize their profits. It makes business analytics a lucrative career option for many.

If you want to build a career in this field, the best way to start is to opt for a certification course in business analytics. However, you must be aware of the prerequisites and challenges you might face in the journey. Keep in mind the following steps to become a certified business analyst:

1. Check Qualifications for Certified Business Analyst

To become a certified business analyst and perform your duties well in a job, you must fulfil the below-mentioned requirements:
  • A Degree in the Relevant Field: Though it is not mandatory to belong to a particular background, many companies prefer Business Analysts having a relevant bachelor’s degree. If you have just completed your higher secondary education, you can choose Business Administration, Economics, or other related subjects for graduation.
  • Microsoft Office Skills: You must be comfortable with MS Excel, MS Word, and PowerPoint. Proficiency in MS Excel is a must-have to become a business analyst.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Companies expect business analysts to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. As a business analyst, you need to negotiate with clients and communicate with stakeholders. Communication skills are important to drive profit to your organisation while keeping the clients happy.
  • Knowledge of Programming Languages: Business Analysts should be comfortable with programming languages, such as R & Python. It helps in solving complex problems faster.

2. Get a Certification Course in Business Analytics

A degree in business administration or related fields is just the first step to becoming a data analyst. Next, you should enrol in a business analytics course. Make sure to select the right course with the following factors in mind:
  • Syllabus: The course must cover the necessary syllabus. It should include an introduction to analytics, basic statistics, fundamentals of business analytics in R, and other advanced topics.
  • Course Type: Business Analytics courses are available online as well as offline. For more flexibility and easy access, online courses must be preferred. These courses are also less expensive compared to offline certification programs. 

Also, make sure that the course you select allows you to apply your knowledge through projects or assignments. Edvancer’s Business Analytics course fits all these criteria very well.

3. Gain Practical Experience

To gain practical experience in Business Analytics, you must prefer courses that include practical assignments as well. You can also apply for internships to learn practical aspects of business analytics. Theoretical lectures never give you a complete idea of how you can apply this knowledge in real projects while working in a company. This is why gaining practical experience is important before you get a job as a professional business analyst.

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Challenges in Becoming a Certified Business Analyst

Here are some common challenges faced by Business Analytics aspirants:

Lack of Reliable Business Analyst Courses

When choosing a business analyst course, you have plenty of options online. However, only a few of them provide comprehensive coverage that helps you get a relevant job in the field. With no proper research, you might end up choosing the wrong course that only provides theoretical knowledge and no practical experience.

However, business analyst certification from institutes like Edvancer can be a great option to consider. Edvancer’s certification course in business analytics includes as much hands-on experience on industrial projects as the classroom hours.

Lack of Technical Skills

It is a common myth that you don’t require technical skills to become a business analyst. You need to have a good understanding of coding languages for technically undertaking business requirements. It becomes challenging for business analytics aspirants coming from non-technical backgrounds. However, you can learn these programming languages over time by enrolling in the right course.

Lack of Practical Experience

Having practical knowledge is a must before entering the business analytics job market. Most courses only provide you with theoretical knowledge, which is not enough to work in an organization. Gaining practical experience before getting a job is important, but it becomes a challenging task.

However, that is not the case with Edvancer’s BA certification as you also get to work on real projects and assignments.

Lack of Domain Knowledge

Business Analysts need good domain knowledge to understand business requirements clearly. But it becomes challenging for them to manage multiple projects as understanding a domain takes a lot of time and research. As a business analyst, you may find it hard to come up with the best results due to a lack of domain knowledge.

Changing Business Requirements

The requirements of businesses and stakeholders keep changing. Business Analysts are often assigned a new project while they already have multiple projects to work on. Sometimes stakeholders ask for a revision even after finalizing and approving the reports.

Features of The Best Business Analytics Course

When looking for the best courses for business analysts in India, you need to consider a lot of things. The following are the must-have features of a good business analytics course:
  • Theoretical as well as practical knowledge.
  • Affordable and easily accessible from anywhere.
  • Coverage of all the necessary topics.
  • Flexibility and Convenience.

Business Analytics Courses by Edvancer

Edvancer offers a Certified Business Analytics Professional Course, which provides you with expertise in predictive modelling in R. This certification has the following features, which differentiate it from other courses available in the market:
  • 72 hours of theoretical learning and 75 hours of projects & assignments.
  • No need to have a prior technical background.
  • You get two learning options: self-paced learning and live online classes.
  • Covers all the necessary aspects of Business Analytics in R.
The best thing about Edvancer’s BA certification program is that it provides two learning options, allowing you to learn at your comfort.


1. What are the benefits of having a business analytics certification for career growth?
Having a business analytics certification can have various benefits:
  • Build a career in business analytics, which is highly in demand.
  • Get higher salaries.
  • Certified business analysts are highly valued by their employers.

2. How does business analytics certification differ from other data-related certifications like data science or data analysis?
Business Analytics certifications provide you with skills to analyse and gain insights using structured data. You can use advanced tools to rectify and visualise a complex but large amount of structured data. On the other hand, with data science or data analysis courses, you learn how to study structured or unstructured data using statistics, technology, and algorithms.

3. What is business analytics certification and why is it important for professionals?
A business analytics certification is a learning program that provides you with the essential knowledge to become a business analyst. Business analytics certification is your key to the expanding and lucrative field of business analytics.

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