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Classification is one of the major problems that we solve while working on standard business problems across industries. In this article we’ll be discussing the major three of the many techniques used for the same, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees and Support Vector Machines [SVM]. All of the above listed algorithms are used in classification [ SVM and […]

If you are a business analytics professional, don’t want to code and are happy to work with GUI based tools to carry out data analysis, it is about time we had this discussion. GUI based tools are great to start with but there are many things you are missing out on if you are not […]

Aim of any visualisation is to gain insight into the data, which by no means should be limited to just two factors at a time. Because in real life you always have multiple factors involved in any process. Challenge here is that traditional scatter plots can at max be scaled to 3 dimensions. Beyond that […]

The Mint newspaper has come out with an interesting article on how the banking industry is using business analytics to prosper. Below is an excerpt from the article: “One of the first instances of the use of analytics (in banking in India) can be traced back to the early 2000s when HDFC Bank Ltd, now […]

For many who are trying to start with data analytics, R comes across as a good programming tool being free and famous. But then you stumble onto a big hurdle before you can even type an ‘r’ of R [oh i wish they had given a longer name to R]. The word “programming” scares half […]


On 19th Feb, 2014, Facebook announced the acquisition of Whatsapp, a mobile messaging service with over 450mn users for an eye-popping US$ 19 bn of cash and Facebook shares in total. This figure seems insane for a company which charges some of its users US$ 0.99 every year for its services and reportedly had revenues […]

All of us at some point in the process of examining data, check for correlations among different variables in the data especially pair-wise correlations. Among a large chunk of business analysts in industry, there exists a notion of ‘linear correlation coefficient’ being the only criterion for pair-wise correlation and hence at the maximum a Proc Corr is run in […]

It always provides us a great deal of happiness, satisfaction and motivation when we are able to successfully help our students achieve their goals, as that is Edvancer’s sole driving factor. A student of ours, Ashish Kumar sent us some great words of appreciation and encouragement through his review of our business analytics course below. […]

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