5 Reasons To Consider Business Analytics For Professional Growth

business analytics certification

Business analysis is a technique where the company uses all the readily available information. To develop a marketing strategy, consider the market or their potential clients. The business is held together through business analysis.   The act of obtaining, analysing, and deriving insightful conclusions from a large amount of data accessible is known as business […]

data science courses in india

  The world is constantly more data-driven than ever before, and data scientists are expected to lead us into the next phase. For today’s youngsters, it is one of the most desired employment possibilities. Every company, from large corporations to small start-ups, needs a data scientist to properly use the enormous amount of data it […]

Ai courses in india

  The study of creating intelligent computers that can carry out complicated tasks that often require human intervention and intelligence is known as artificial intelligence, or AI. The study of AI is a branch of computer science.   To use machines and computers to mimic the capabilities of the human mind’s decision-making and problem-solving processes, […]

Advanced Data analytics certification

Nowadays, data is everywhere. Every company wants to leverage big data, small data, structured data, and unstructured data. Every day, large corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and even the average person generate, capture, and store massive amounts of data. Businesses and other stakeholders must undertake advanced data analytics projects to make sense of this data.   […]

advance data analytics

Almost every activity is producing huge amounts of data in today’s digitally connected world. Much of this data is lying in large storage centers either as legacy data or has already been lost to time.   With advanced data analytics, businesses, governments, pharmaceuticals, space agencies and explorers are recognizing the importance of understanding the vast […]

Artificial Intelligence courses

The digital technology business is continually looking for talented employees. India’s tech sector is predicted to grow fast, from $197 billion to $227 billion, the largest increase in at least five years. It promotes innovation and creativity, but it also needs accuracy and precise attention to detail. Technology is one of the most fascinating and […]

Amit Thakur

Amit Thakur had spent 1 years in electronics hardware testing and was completely frustrated with his job and salary. He chose to learn data science over an MBA in Finance and got a job as a Quantitative Data Analyst in a US based capital markets firm, Trade Path Capital with a 100% salary hike combining […]

Nilisha Chhatbar

Nilisha had spent 2 years in software testing and was keen to move to advanced analytics and data science for better prospects. Here’s her story on how she moved from software testing to data science and got a data science job as a Data Analyst with a 50% salary hike: My background I have a […]

Kaushik Jagini

Kaushik Jagini was working in IT for 3 years and was keen to make a switch into AI as a career to get better prospects and a good salary. Here’s his story on how he became a data scientist and got a prestigious job at Deloitte with a 40% salary hike, a story which can […]

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