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Increase of 50% in Job Recruitments for Business Analysts

Edvancer Wall Street Journal published a very informative article on April 09 2014 titled Get familiar with Big Data Now, or face Permanent Pink Slip. The article highlighted the immense possibilities and career prospects that big data analytics is going to offer in near future. As the world gets more linked with high connectivity, every action that we make online is transmuted into information and data. Marketers are especially interested in such vast volume of data to analyze and thus keep a track of their campaigns. A survey by Forbes Insight suggests that 55% of US marketing professionals use analytics to measure their marketing efforts and returns. Only 4% of marketing executives denied having used any analytics for the purpose of measuring and estimating their endeavors. Edvancer Career The advancements in the IT sector suggests that the reliance on business analytics and intelligence will increase manifold in coming years. While enterprises understand the value of data analytics and its prospects in the day to day business transactions, there is a big vacuum for skilled workers in this sector. Business analytics is and will continue to play a critical role in all functioning of a corporate organization. Whether it is Financing and budgeting or customer relationship management, big data analytics will determine your progress and overall decision-making in business contexts. However, the scarcity of skilled and trained workforce infects the market as a whole. Ace market leaders forecast that in coming years, more than 50% of job recruitment will be for business analysts alone. Edvancer Career This is a good news for all aspirants seeking a future in the field of business intelligence and analytics. Regardless of whether you are a mathematics graduate or sociology student, you can begin approaching towards it, treating it as a career goal. Superficially, Analytics might look like a complex and dull subject, but if you are inquisitive, love analyzing data and solving the problems, then the field belongs to you. Also, if you have any prior experience in statistical or mathematical practices or information management, the curriculum will seem a lot easier to you. Here we are offering relevant courses in Business Analytics that will secure your admission in this most profitable sector. Moreover, we have set a standard curriculum in Business Analytics that will help you developing skills such as visualization and application of data so that you can assert hypotheses and deduce contextual insights from the provided data sample. A certificate in Business Analytics from Edvancer Eduventures will enhance your comprehension of data and figures on a higher podium to understand the consumer’s behavior and preferences with greater precision.

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