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Edvancer Eduventures has started with a view to make an intervention in India’s inadequate education system which only provides degrees but not skills or knowledge which industry desires. On the one hand we have corporates across industries crying out for skilled talent and on the other hand we have millions of talented students graduating every year but without those necessary skills. Edvancer intends to fill this gap by providing skill based training for various service oriented industries to students and working professionals through short-term professional certificate courses. The end goal is to ensure that these courses impart the necessary technical and soft skills to people so that they can be productive for their employers from day one. These courses are designed and delivered by industry experts according to industry needs while the pedagogy will be practical, application oriented & hands-on so as to stay true to this goal. We have a few specific goals in mind in this venture:
  1. Provide the best career-oriented education possible
  2. Provide anytime, anywhere learning
  3. Provide a high ROI for the student through career need based courses
  4. Create a knowledge hub for each domain
The first domain that we are focusing on at Edvancer is the fast growing field of analytics. Analytics today is at the stage where the IT industry in India was in the early 1990s, on the cusp of a massive boom coupled with a severe shortage of skilled talent. Analytics is a combination of statistics, software programming and business knowledge and it is not easy for silo-ridden, slow moving, theory focused educational institutes in India to impart these multi-dimensional skills. Thus, potentially this skill shortage will continue into the future and even intensify. This is where Edvancer comes into play. In keeping with our goals mentioned above, we are creating an analytics knowledge hub with a range of application oriented, cost-effective, need specific, industry expert designed and delivered courses which can be taken online. We have launched our first course ‘Certified Business Analytics Professional’ targeted towards those looking to begin their career in analytics. This course has both online and offline versions. We are also in the process of launching two more courses, ‘Certified R Programmer’ and ‘Certified Big Data Specialist’. Post this we intend to keep coming up with new courses every quarter focused on bridging a specific knowledge/skill gap. These courses will also be available for corporates and universities for training their employees and students. To get started visit our website at www.edvancer.in and enroll or sign up for the courses which meet your need.

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