Certified Business Analytics Professional Course In Mumbai

  • Become a Certified Business Analytics Specialist and increase your salary by 50%
  • No technical background required
  • Become an expert in predictive modeling in R.
  • Learning Options:
    • Live Online Classes
    • Self-Paced + Faculty Support
  • Duration:
    72 Hours Of Learning + 75 hours of assignments & projects
  • Fee:
    Live Online: 29,990 + GST 42,990 + GST
    Self-Paced: 22,990 + GST 32,990 + GST

Business Analytics Course Overview

Edvancer’s certified business analyst course in Mumbai is one of India's best business analyst courses. The Certified Business Analytics Professional Course covers the subjects and skills a business analytics professional needs in today’s business environment. The business analyst certification in Mumbai meets the latest industrial data science and data analytics standards for business analysts.

The online business analyst training course in Mumbai assists your career transition and growth in the highly lucrative field of business analytics.

The course includes complete training on R with projects and assignments based on live industrial data. More than 50% of the online certified business analysis professional training course consists of assignments and projects to help you practice your knowledge and be industry ready.

About Business Analyst Certification Course FAQ

You can learn everything about using R software to run your data analysis. The course includes data cleaning and visualization in R, regression, time series forecasting, decision tree, random forest and XGBoost, and techniques for solving real business problems using R.
The business analyst course in Mumbai equips you to transition into the lucrative career path of business analytics and data science. Business analytics is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world with thousands of new opportunities opening every year. If you are already an experienced business manager, business analytics certification in Mumbai can help raise your income bar.
The goal of the business analyst course in Mumbai is to prepare you for handling real industrial business decision needs. In the modern business world, business decisions are increasingly data-oriented and business analytics skills can help you with this industrial need.
Anyone with a graduation degree or in the final year of a graduation course can take up business analytics if interested in building a career in this lucrative field.
The Edvancer’s business analyst course in Mumbai consists of 75 hours of projects and assignments. This is more than 50% of the total course duration. The projects include at least one real industrial project.
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Courses Highlights

72 Hrs of online classes on weekends or video based learning with support

Hands-on training with 70% practical content

75 Hours of assignments & 5 industry projects

24x7 lifetime access to online videos and content

Top class faculty from premier companies like EY, Fractal, Accenture etc.

Get industry recognised certificate from Edvancer with full job assistance

Our Students are Placed in

Learning Options

Live Online Class

Learn from the best business analytics faculty around the world without moving from home!

Key Features
  • Learn through 60 hours of live online classes on weekends + 12 hrs of videos with 75 hours of assignments & projects
  • Get the benefits of learning from home through fully interactive, online classes.
  • Learn R & Predictive Analytics in this comprehensive specialization course
  • Interact and ask your questions and doubts to the faculty in the class like a normal class
  • Get 100% placement assistance post certification to get into a career in data science
  • 24x7 lifetime access to the course content and all recorded videos of your classes.
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29,990 + 18% GST 42,990 + 18% GST
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  • We offer a full refund 6 days post start of classes if you would like to cancel, though with such a good deal we wonder who would!

Self-Paced + Faculty Support Learning

Get complete flexibility in learning without compromising on content or doubt clearance!

Key Features
  • Learn through 72 hours of online class recorded videos and 75hours of assignments & projects
  • Learn easily at your own time and pace from anywhere. Enrol and start learning immediately!
  • Learn R & Predictive Analytics. All content is same as live class option.
  • Get all your doubts and queries cleared by faculty through forums, emails and scheduled calls
  • Get 100% placement assistance post certification to get into a career in data science
  • 24x7 lifetime access to the course content and all recorded videos of your classes. No time limits or deadlines!
Early Bird Discount! Get 30% Off Now!
22,990 + 18% GST 32,990 + 18% GST
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  • No need to wait for batches! Start learning as soon as you enrol!
  • We offer a full refund up to 3 days post your enrolment if you would like to cancel, though with such a good deal we wonder who would!


  • Completed graduation or in final year of any graduation discipline
  • No technical or maths background required

Course Curriculum

Business Analytics in R

  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Fundamentals of R
  • Basic Statistics in R
  • Data Cleaning & Visualization in R
  • Linear Regression in R
  • Logistic Regression in R
  • Segmentation for marketing analytics in R
  • Time series forecasting in R
  • Decision Trees in R
  • Random Forest & XGBoost in R
  • Solving an actual business problem through analytics

Placement Assistance Process

Resume design, content and correction post certification.
Multiple job opportunities sent on email
CVs sent to chosen company and shortlisting done
Test/Interviews Scheduled

Career Transition Stories

Our Faculty

Get Certified By Edvancer

Benefits of taking this course

Become a complete business analytics professional with core skills in the highly in-demand areas of Predictive Analytics & R Programming

Get certified by Edvancer and get recognised in industry

Create a Business Analytics project portfolio to establish your skills and credibility and attract recruiters

Showcase your projects on your CV

Gain hands-on knowledge through the hands on problem solving based approach of the course

Get a 50% jump in your salary by becoming a business analytics professional

Business Analyst Certification FAQs

Edvancer is a full-stack data analytics and data science institute offering several of India’s leading business and data analytics courses. Edvancer’s Certified Business Analytics Professional course in Mumbai is one of India's top online business analytics courses.
The salary of a business analyst in Mumbai starts from 4-7 lakhs per annum and can grow to seven figures with experience.
Edvancer offers two training modes – Live online classes and self-paced learning. Live online classes are instructor lead live classes, while self-paced learning course includes recorded lectures. Faculty support is available via e-mail under both learning options.
When you enrol in the business analyst training program in Mumbai, you also receive 24x7 access to business analytics resources, including several sets of interview questions and their answers.
You can drop an email to info@edvancer.in or call +91 80809 28948 between 9 AM to 6 PM to receive support if unable to access the course.
Business analytics is not difficult. Graduates with mathematics knowledge from high school can easily run business analytics models. However, you do need to complete the training on R or similar business analytics software.
You can start as a business analytics executive and rise through several levels of individual contributor and management roles in your data analytics career. The best part is that opportunity of an analytics role will remain industry agnostic for a few years at the beginning of your career.
The total duration of Edvancer’s business analyst course in Mumbai is 147 hours, of which only about 72 hours are dedicated to classroom learning. The rest of the time is dedicated to hands-on experience with bootstrapped and real industry projects.
Data scientists are responsible for building data architecture and methods to capture data from an event. A data science job requires high-level statistical and coding skills as well as knowledge of data architecture. Whereas, a business analyst deals with the collected data and relies more on regression and data visualization techniques. Thus, business analysts may not need as much statistical and coding proficiency.
Yes, if you are interested in business analytics and want to ride a high-growth career, the business analyst course is well-suited for you.


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